War of Aen

A History of the War of Aen

The Empire of Sonne establishes a garrison of warriors outside the city to “protect trade routes and increase security for both the City of Aen and the Empire herself. To maintain good relations with the larger nation, Aen accepts the garrison and the protection it affords. A rift forms between the noble houses, with Houses Yuantoc and Vectoris voting in favor of the garrison, which Houses Acatyl and Woaton oppose it. The tie is settled by a rare appearance of Necronamadus of House Xoachil (usually absent from the Senate), who also votes in favor of the garrison.

Par Atch Eea, a political leader in exile, is sent to organize and oversee the garrison. The garrison does not include Masked Guards, the elite fighting force of the Sonnite army. Some speculate that the God-Emperor did not condone the war.

Over the next two years, Sonne sends more and more troops to the city. Sonnite troops begin to patrol the area surrounding the city. Townsfolk and villagers from nearby begin to move toward the city for protection from Sonnite patrols. They establish a tent ghetto called Piss Town.

The Raven King, a murderer who was crucified for his crimes and who can transform into a raven, is freed. The villagers and townsfolk see this as an ill omen.

A small group of adventurers arrives in the city in the employ of House Acatyl. The group includes Taliba, Rharl, Drago, Melindra, Bqb, Max, Chandaz, and Xan. Over the course of several months the band of adventurers comes to be known as the Heroes of Aen.

Taliba learns that she is the Pride, the prophesied Nekujin messiah. Razorclaw, a Nekujin warrior, appoints himself the Pride’s protector.

Par Atch Eea declares a curfew in the city and begins to have Sonnite soldiers patrol the city’s streets to enforce it.

Drago joins House Xoachil and becomes a lich.

There is a fire in the Temple District. Two temples are destroyed. The fire is blamed on the Sonnite soldiers. The following day a mob erupts in the streets. The Pride and company lead the mob to the Sonnite garrison where the first act of open aggression occurs. The battle is stopped by a group of nobles arriving. The Heroes of Aen are taken to the Senate to be tried. There is a trial by combat in which Rharl wins the Heroes freedom.

Par Atch Eea declares himself a member of the Senate. With so many Sonnite troops the Senate is forced to accept him.

The Iron Oracle arrives in the city. She is hailed as the city’s savior.

Months of hostility comes to an end as the Army of the Crescent Moon, led by Grimlar of Nod, arrives and a formal siege begins. Grimlar is known as favored of the God-Emperor, and his army includes Masked Guards.

Drago and other city mages construct a magical portal called the Moon Door. It is large enough to evacuate the city. The portal takes a year to complete.

In the Battle of the Pride, Grimlar of Nod and his Masked Guards meet Taliba the Pride and her Nekujin warriors. During the battle Razorclaw is struck down by a hurled stone. The Masked Guards break the Nekujin lines, and the cat-folk are overrun. Rharl manages to pull the survivors back into the city. Razorclaw is dead. Taliba is presumed dead.

The Moon door is completed. The refugees are slowly evacuated to city of Omen. The surviging Heroes of Aen splinter apart. Rharl, Chandaz, and Bqb are sent on a quest by the Iron Oracle. She hopes they will find a shard of the Shattered Orb. With it she plans to confront the God-Emperor and free Aen.

War of Aen

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