The Shattering

The Shattering of the Orb
The Shattering of the Orb, was a magical cataclysm that changed the world and the peoples of it. When the Orb was broken a seal was broken within the Orb, releasing a huge wave of transformative magic. Those who stood inside the chamber with the Orb were imbued with its essence and transformed into the Minor Arcana.

Before the Shattering the Orb was the most powerful magical artifact the world has known.

The Shattering occurred when the Old Empire split into two factions, the Circle of Seven Wands and the Azulith Faction. The Azulith Faction was composed of magical liberals who believed that no magic should go unexplored, even the Dark Arts of necromancy, mind control, and death magics. The Azulith Faction was not composed purely of necromancers, but wizards who believed in magical innovation without censorship. The Circle of Seven Wands was more conservative and believed in the suppression of the Dark Arts.

After the split the Azulith Faction moved to what is modern-day Puurn and prospered on the backs of spell slaves, whom they used to create a utopian society for the upper caste of wizards. The Azulith Faction conscripted many soldiers from the lands they controlled. The army included many enslaved humans, elves, and giants. Meanwhile the Circle remained in control of Alexia, where the Orb Citidel rose up from the middle of the city. The Circle remained in control of the Old Empire’s armies. The battles between the two forces were destructive beyond measure. Both sides used powerful magics that would summon bolts of lightening, bring lava to the surface, and summon strange creatures to battle. The war was named the War of the Circle.

The Azulith Faction believed the war would end if the controlled the Orb, and the laid seige to Alexia. The seige was unsucessful as the Circle mages evacuated many civilians and brought in supplies using teleportation.

In the final battle several Azulith Faction mages made their way into the heart of the Citadel, where they battled Wa’Kul and several powerful Circle magi. The resulting magical battle was the force that Shattered the Orb. Those presant were transformed into the Minor Arcana, the city of Alexia began to levitate, along with many islands of rock. There were changes to the vast armies of the Azulith Faction and the Circle.

The Shattering

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