Other Religions

Atheists deny the existence of all gods and goddesses. They claim that magic comes from the minds of men and refuse the concept of divine miracles. They believe in an evolution of the races, not the Shattering of the Orb. Many believe in the Shattering only as a historical event.

Azulith Faction
The Azulith Faction believes in a forthcoming divine war wherein the only hope for survival is to be prepared for the coming battles. Similar to the Black Lotus and the Zhouish Cult, they are a persecuted religion seen as heretical by the Arcana. The Azulith Faction often engages in terrorist activities such as suicide mage attacks and attempts to mass kill those who persecute them.

Secrets of the Black Lotus
The Black Lotus is a strange religion that combines aspects of the Hollow and the Path of the Lotus Law. From the Lotus Law the Black Lotus believe that gods are both celestial and hellish. The religion has no creation myth and includes the belief in rebirth and karma. The Black Lotus does engage in some terrorist activates and typically worship in small sects that have little or no contact with other sects of their religion. They see all other religions are heretical.

The Hollow
Most of the Hollow are follower of the Voidmonger. The typical worshipers are necromancers. The Hollow revere undeath and the undead. Some embers of the Hollow also follow the avatar called the Voidmonger.

The Path of the Lotus Law
The Path of the Lotus Law is that each person can move toward personal enlightenment. It has close ties to both Dama and Zhou Zhou, though it does not include a creation myth and sees the gods and goddesses as celestial or hellish beings. The Path includes the belief in rebirth and the concepts of Karma and Dharma (found in Buddhism). This religion is very popular with the lower casts of society.

The Zhouish Cult
The Zhouish Cult believes exclusively in the god-goddess Zhou Zhou. They see all other gods and goddesses as other forms of Zhou Zhou, considering them as lesser versions of the hermaphrodite being. Parts of “civilized society,” especially those who worship the Elder Gods, see the Zhouish Cult as a heretical and an abomination. These Elder God worshipers actively seek to persecute the Zhouish Cult members, causing the cult to always be active as an underground movement.

Other Religions

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