(Genasi, Human, Half-Elf, Shadar Kai)

Humans are the most numerous of the races. They adapt easily, but are wont to fall to darkness. At the moment of the Shattering some humans were transformed into strange new races. The new races were humans infused with primal energies. They were the elemental bound (genasi), half-fey (half-elf), void bound (githzerai) and shadow bound (shadar kai).

Elemental Bound
The elemental bound are humans that are tied to an elemental power. The various elements they can be associated with are

Half-Fey are a strange mixture of fey and human. Half-Fey are unlike other races because it is a recessive trait that can show up from either fey or human families.

Void Bound
Void humans are a monastic race that are fanatical in thier worship of the Elder Gods. They are adapted to life in the astral sea.

Shadow Bound
The shadow bound are humans that are tied to plane of shadow.

Male Names
Cumhal, Dramacus, Dunn, Grimlar, Kells.

Female Names
Ashi, Amber, Eyowynn, Ramash, Rukh.


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