Gods and Religions

In the world of the Shattered Orb there are three pantheons. The pantheons are the the Elder Gods, the Minor Arcana, and the Furies.

The Elder Gods were born moments after the birth of the universe, and they were formed from the same raw power, magic, and materials found in the Elemental Rings. They are ancient and live far away from the world of mortals. The Elder Gods rarely take notice of the mortal world. Each Elder God is associated with an element.

The Minor Arcana were mortals who lived before the Shattering of the Orb and were transformed by the wild magic released in the Shattering. The Minor Arcana chose to stay in the world of mortals, and each has claimed dominion over a city.

The Furies are the youngest of the gods. They are powerful spirits formed from psionic energy. Each represents a powerful emotion such as love, vengeance, justice, and war. The spirit bonds with a mortal to form avatars that possess immense power. There have been many avatars, and no one knows how many spirits linger in the Mindscape.

There are several other religions that are not necessarily based on a god. These include atheism, Secrets of the Black Lotus, the Path of the Lotus Law, and the Uhurl.

Gods and Religions

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