The Empire of Sonne
The Empire of Sonne is a vast desert wasteland that includes vast sand dunes, extensive salt flats where only a few islands of oasis stand out, and seas made of salt. The Living God, the God-Emperor of Sonne, controls the area. The Living God is one of the Changed and is obsessed with collecting knowledge of all kinds. The Living God was among the most powerful kalashtar wizards and was in the Orb Citadel at the time of the Shattering. The God-Emperor will often disappear for decades at a time, retreating into his towering ziggurat to study ancient texts. During this time his Advisers rule the Empire in His name. The Advisers are priests of the Living God, nobles, the Masked Guards, and a conclave of mages, including an ambassador of the Circle of Seven Wands. The desert waste is filled with all races, as the Empire is a thriving country. The two major cities of the desert kingdom are the City-States of Sonne and Nod. The city of Sonne is the capital and home of the Advisors, whereas Nod is a coastal trade and port city situated along a silt sea. In the deep desert are tribes of eladrin, giants, kalashtar, and nekujin.

Floating Plains
The Floating Plains is a magically charged land. Its primary cities are the Floating City of Alexia (see history) and the city of Gygranix. Within the Floating Plain there are chunks of land that spontaneously levitate, some even shooting into the sky and presumably becoming comets. Wild magic rages throughout the lands, causing some spells to react wildly differently than mages expect. The City of Alexia is the center of both magical and non-magical learning in the Mortal World. The library is the most complete with many works predating the Shattering. The city has no true government, but instead has a judge in the form of the Changed Oracle-yogi Wa’Kul (see Gods and Religions). The city is mainly populated by kalashtar and shard elves, as it was before the ShatteringThere is also a large number of dragonborn in the Floating City, as they find the sky to be a fine home.

The Fey Nations
The Fey Nations cover a vast area, from the Forest of Kincora to the jungles or Puurn. The Elven Queen is based out of the Kincoran forest, in the Forbidden City of Baraggal. It is filled with ancient trees, rivers, and magnificent waterfalls. The collected fey are secretive of their homeland, and are weary of the stranger’s true intentions. The forest is the ancient home of the fey, protected from the Shattering by the sacrifice of the most powerful wizards and Lotus Law masters. Hence the forest home remained almost exactly as it was before the Shattering. The forest is home to many strange and magical locations, such as the vast Fungal Groves; Kashurra, a hidden city deep in the desert of Sonne.

Kölmish Grass
The Kölmish Grass is to the southern end of the Known Lands. Mostly nomadic nekujin tribes populate the grasslands, but here is also a large human population at the city of Omen, dedicated to the Iron Oracle, the Avatar of Wonder.

Puurn is a rainforest paradise, however it is also dangerous with many strange and powerful monsters. The dominant races are genasi, humans, jajin, and kobalds. The major cities of Puurn are Sthiss and Zerath Falls. Sthiss is a cosmopolitan city that represents all the races while Zerath Falls is almost exclusively a human settlement. The rainforest is filled with ancient pyramids, tombs, and artifacts that predate the Shattering of the Orb.

Q’Noka Mountains
The Q’Noka mountains divide the Known Lands. Some dragonborn, and giants find their homes between the mountain chain as well snow elves who dwell in the Valley of Mist and Snow. The mountains are also the home of the city of Hammermill, the crafting city of the giants. It lies in one of the largest passes through the mountain chain. Hammermill has large buildings that intimate people of smaller stature. The Lost City of Aen is also located in the high mountain passes.

Shattered Sea
The Shattered Sea is a sea that is wild with the residual magic of the Shattering. It is covered with magical storms that make it all but impossible to pass through.
Voidlands: Whereas the Floating Plain is a chaotic magical land, the Voidlands are the opposite. They are a mystic null field where magic is very difficult to use. Magic items and spells often fail in the Voidlands. The voidlands are home to the worshipers of the Voidmonger, a Changed being who seeks to build a large army to overtake the world. The Voidlands capital is Singularity, the palace city of the Voidmonger. The Voidlands border the rainforests of Puurn, and the border between the two areas is often in dispute.


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