Welcome to the War of Omen!

Among the tops of the mountains, among the snowy caps, there lies the city of Aen. Once it was called the Free City, bending knee to no king of any one god. It had beautiful alabaster walls and towers. A sight to behold.

But war came to Aen. The Empire of Sonne attacked, and the nekujin messiah Taliba the Pride met the Legion of the Crescent Moon, surrounded by her allies, the Heroes of the city. The war was harrowing, leaving only ashes behind. The fair city fell in the fires of defeat. The city and her Heroes were shattered.

There was escape. The refugees poured through the Moon Door into the Iron Oracle’s city of Omen.

The War of Aen is over.

The War of Omen begins.

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War of Omen

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